Question: J A Coghill owned a used Rolls Royce Corniche automobile which

J.A. Coghill owned a used Rolls Royce Corniche automobile, which he sold to a man claiming to be Daniel Bellman. Bellman gave Coghill a cashier’s check for $ 94,500. When Coghill tried to cash the check, his bank informed him that the check had been forged. Coghill reported the vehicle as stolen. Subsequently, Barry Hyken responded to a newspaper ad listing a Rolls Royce Corniche for sale. Hyken went to meet the seller of the car, the man who claimed to be Bellman, in a parking lot. Hyken agreed to pay $ 62,000 for the car. When Hyken asked to see Bellman’s identification, Bellman provided documents with two different addresses. Bellman explained that he was in the process of moving. Hyken took possession of the vehicle. Three weeks later, the Rolls Royce Corniche was seized by the police. Hyken sued to get it back. Who wins? Landshire Food Service, Inc. v. Coghill, 709 S. W. 2d 509, 1986 Mo. App. Lexis 3961 (Court of Appeals of Missouri)

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