Question: Jennifer Strange a 28 year old mother of three living in Sacramento

Jennifer Strange, a 28-year-old mother of three living in Sacramento, California, entered a 2007 KDND-FM radio contest to drink as much water as possible without urinating. The prize was a Nintendo Wii game console. She drank nearly 2 gallons in three hours. She commented on her pain to the disc jockeys (DJs); one DJ commented she looked like she was pregnant. Listeners called in to warn of the dangers of water intoxication. The DJs replied, “We are aware of that,” and later said the contestants had signed a release so “we’re not responsible.” During the show, the DJs jokingly discussed the risks. “Maybe we should have researched this before,” one DJ added. 43 Apparently, these warnings were not shared with the contestants. Strange finished second in the contest, called in sick to work, and died a few hours later. The Strange family sued the radio station’s owners and its parent company for wrongful death. Did the radio station cause Strange’s death? Explain.

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