Question: Last week your travel agent called to tell you that

Last week your travel agent called to tell you that she had found a great fare, $667, for your trip to the United Kingdom later this month. This fare was almost $400 below the APEX (advance purchase excursion) fare. You told her to book it immediately and went around the department telling everyone about your great bargain. An hour later she called you back and told you that the reservation agent at British Airways had made a mistake and that the quoted fare did not exist. Your agent said she would hunt around and do the best she could for you. A few days later she found a ticket consolidator that could book you on the same British Airways flight for $708, a figure still well below what you originally had expected to pay. This time you didn’t go around the department bragging about your bargain. How might the material in this chapter be used to shed light on your behavior?

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