Question: Le Ch teau Inc is a Canadian specialty retailer and manufacturer

Le Château Inc. is a Canadian specialty retailer and manufacturer of contemporary fashion apparel, accessories, and footwear for women and men of all ages. Its products are sold in over 200 retail locations across Canada. Assume that you are employed as a stock analyst and your boss has just completed a review of the new annual report. She provided you with her notes, but they are missing some information that you need. Her notes show that the ending inventory for Le Château in the current year was $ 119,325,000 and in the previous year was $ 91,773,000. Net sales for the current year were $ 302,707,000. Gross profit was $ 206,562,000; net loss was $ 2,386,000. For your analysis, you determine that you need to know the amount of purchases and the cost of sales for the year.
Do you need to ask your boss for her copy of the annual report, or can you develop the information from her notes? Explain and show calculations.

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