Question: LeDoux an emergency medical technician EMT provided emergency medical

LeDoux, an emergency medical technician ( EMT), provided emergency medical attention to Julie Pachowitz at her residence. Because she was unresponsive and had poor vital signs, Pachowitz was taken to a hospital for treatment. When LeDoux came in contact with Slocomb, a good friend of Pachowitz who worked at another hospital, LeDoux told Slocomb that Pachowitz had taken a drug overdose. LeDoux was thinking that, as a friend, Slocomb could help Pachowitz with her drug problem. When Pachowitz learned that LeDoux had disclosed her drug problem to Slocomb, she sued LeDoux for invasion of privacy for publicizing private facts about her private life that was none of Slocomb’s business. Does Pachowitz have a cause of action for invasion of privacy?

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