Question: Let s look at Target one of the largest retailers found

Let’s look at Target, one of the largest retailers found throughout the United States. Think about Target, all its stakeholders, what products it sells, and how and where it sells its products. Think about all the employees that work for Target and the assets that Target needs. Think about the business of Target.
Now go to Target’s web site at Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the heading “about target” and click on “company information”. There you’ll find information about Target’s business. Explore the menu options available in “Our Company” and in “Investors” in order to find the answers to these questions:
1. What is the mission statement of the business? What does it say about value?
2. What type of business is Target? Is it a service company, a merchandise company, or a manufacturing company?
3. What products does Target sell? Where does it get the products it sells?
4. Who are Target’s customers?

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