Question: List A contains the COBIT 4 1 domains List B contains

List A contains the COBIT 4.1 domains, List B contains the 10 COBIT 4.1 processes, and List C contains 20 specific controls plans (there are two plans listed for each process). Each list is in alphabetical order. Match processes to domains and plans to processes, and place in the correct order.
List A: COBIT 4.1 Domains
1. Acquire and Implement domain.
2. Deliver and Support domain.
3. Monitor and Evaluate domain.
4. Plan and Organize domain.
List B: COBIT 4.1 Processes
1. Deliver Required IT Services.
2. Develop and Acquire IT Solutions.
3. Develop Tactics to Plan, Communicate, and Manage Realization of the Strategic Vision.
4. Ensure Security and Continuous Service.
5. Establish Strategic Vision for Information Technology.
6. Identify Automated Solutions.
7. Integrate IT Solutions into Operational Processes.
8. Manage Changes to Existing IT Systems.
9. Monitor and Evaluate the Processes.
10. Provide Support Services.
List C: Control Plans
1. A new system requirements definition document.
2. A post implementation review.
3. A process for testing a new system.
4. A process to select and prioritize user requests for system changes.
5. A quality assurance plan.
6. An assessment of how new hardware might affect existing hardware.
7. An inventory of IT capabilities.
8. An IT security audit.
9. Application documentation.
10. Biometric security devices.
11. Complete a disaster recovery plan.
12. Define service levels.
13. Feasibility studies.
14. Help desk. 308 Accounting
15. Perform preventive maintenance.
16. Program change testing.
17. Report on response times.
18. Segregation of duties within the IT department.
19. Statement of IT goals and strategies.
20. User training classes.

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