Major companies often have very complex organizational structures, sometimes consisting of different types of entities. Some organizational structures include combinations of corporations, partnerships, and perhaps other types of entities. Complex organizational structures often present challenges for financial reporting.

a. What type of entity is Atlas America, Inc. (i.e., corporation, partnership, trust)? What is the company's business?
b. Atlas America lists a number of subsidiaries in its Form 10-K filed with the SEC (in a separate exhibit). What types of entities are included among the subsidiaries? How does the company report its subsidiaries and interests in energy partnerships?
c. Atlas America lists subsidiaries with the names Atlas Pipeline Partners and Atlas Pipeline Holdings.
What is the relationship between these companies?
d. What type of entity is Atlas Pipeline Partners, L.P.? What types of entities are its subsidiaries? What arrangement is there for the management of Atlas Pipeline Partners?
e. Does Atlas Pipeline Partners present separate or consolidated financial statements? What type of entity is NOARK Pipeline System, and what is Atlas Pipeline's relationship to NOARK? How is NOARK reflected in Atlas Pipeline's financial statements?

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