Question: Many people purchase sport utility vehicles SUVs because they think

Many people purchase sport utility vehicles (SUVs) because they think they are sturdier and hence safer than regular cars. However, preliminary data have indicated that the costs for repairs of SUVs are higher than for midsize cars when both vehicles are in an accident. A random sample of 8 new SUVs and 8 midsize cars is tested for front-impact resistance. The amounts of damage (in hundreds of dollars) to the vehicles when crashed at 20 mph head on into a stationary barrier are recorded in the following table.
a. Plot the data to determine whether the conditions required for the t procedures are valid.
b. Do the data support the conjecture that the mean damage is greater for SUVs than for midsize vehicles? Use α = .05 with both the t test and the Wilcoxon test.
c. Which test appears to be the more appropriate procedure for this data set?
d. Do you reach the same conclusions from both procedures? Why or why not?

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