Question: Mark Bradshaw an agent for National Foundation Life Insurance Co

Mark Bradshaw, an agent for National Foundation Life Insurance Co. (NFLIC), tried to sell a health insurance policy to Bobby Reed. Bradshaw told Reed that his health insurance coverage would begin upon signing some forms and paying the first premium.
On January 7, Reed signed but did not read the forms, which included language stating that Reed understood that Bradshaw could not change any NFLIC policy or make any policy effective, that the policy would not be effective until actually issued by NFLIC, and that it could take up to two weeks for Reed's application to be processed and the policy issued. NFLIC received Reed's application, including his payment for the first premium, on January 12. On January 19, NFLIC called Reed's home and was informed he had a heart attack on January 15. NFLIC declined to issue the policy to Reed. On what grounds did Reed sue Bradshaw? Was Reed's suit against Bradshaw successful?

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