Question: Mark Price the new productions manager for Speakers and Company

Mark Price, the new productions manager for Speakers and Company, needs to find out which variable most affects the demand for their line of stereo speakers. He is uncertain whether the unit price of the product or the effects of increased marketing are the main drivers in sales and wants to use regression analysis to Figure out which factor drives more demand for its particular market. Pertinent information was collected by an extensive marketing project that lasted over the past 10 years and was reduced to the data that follow:

a. Perform a regression analysis based on these data using Excel. Answer the following questions based on your results.
b. Which variable, price or advertising, has a larger effect on sales and how do you know?
c. Predict average yearly speaker sales for Speakers and Company based on the regression results if the price was $ 300 per unit and the amount spent on advertising ( in thousands) was $900.
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