Match each of the numbered definitions with the correct term in the following list. Write the letter of your choice in the answer column.
a. Abandonment
b. Assignment
c. Condition
d. Covenant
e. Eviction
f. Lease
g. Lessee
h. Lessor
i. Periodic tenancy
j. Quiet enjoyment
k. Sublease
l. Tenancy at will
m. Tenancy at sufferance
n. Tenancy for years
o. Warranty of habitability
1. The legal term in a landlord–tenant relationship that refers to the landlord.
1. __________
2. The agreement between landlord and tenant. 2. __________
3. The legal term in a landlord– tenant relationship that refers to the tenant.
3. __________
4. A promise made by a landlord or a tenant in a lease. 4. __________
5. A restriction in a lease that allows cancellation if the landlord or tenant fails to honor the limitation. 5. __________
6. A lease in which the lease period continues for successive periods for the same length of time. 6. __________
7. A lease for a specii c period of time— weeks, months, years, or the like.
7. __________
8. A lease in which no specii c period has been agreed. 8. __________
9. The status when a tenant wrongfully extends tenancy beyond the term of the original lease. 9. __________
10. A landlord’s promise that the premises are reasonably fit for occupation and that there are no defects that would impair the health, safety, or well- being of the occupants.
10. __________
11. A tenant’s voluntary surrender of possession of leased premises. 11. __________
12. The right of a tenant to use the premises without unreasonable interference from the landlord or third parties. 12. __________
13. An action by the landlord that denies the tenant the use of the premises. 13. __________
14. A transfer of the tenant’s interest in the entire premises for the entire term of the lease.
14. __________
15. A transfer of the tenant’s interest for part of the premises or for part of the term of the lease. 15. __________

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