Match the following definitions or partial definitions of the various
Match the following definitions (or partial definitions) of the various types of services to the appropriate term. Each term may be used once or not at all.

Definition (or Partial Definition)
a. A government agency authorized to regulate companies seeking approval to issue securities for sale to the public.
b. A representation or declaration made by the responsible party, typically management of the entity.
c. A series of statements issued by the Auditing Standards Board of the AICPA. Generally accepted auditing standards are developed and issued in the form of these statements.
d. A set of criteria used to determine measurement, recognition, presentation, and disclosure of all material items appearing in the financial statements.
e. A set of reforms that toughened penalties for corporate fraud, restricted the kinds of consulting CPAs can perform for audit clients, and created the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board to oversee CPAs and public accounting firms.
f. The five-member board established in 2002 to oversee the audit of public (issuer) companies that are subject to the securities laws.
The board has authority to establish or adopt (or both) rules for auditing, quality control, ethics, independence, and other standards relating to the preparation of audit reports.
g. The national professional organization of CPAs engaged in promoting high professional standards to ensure that CPAs serve the public interest.
h. The standards or benchmarks used to measure and present the subject matter and against which the CPA evaluates the subject matter. They are criteria that are established or developed by groups composed of experts that follow due process procedures, including exposure of the proposed criteria for public comment.

1. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
2. Assertion
3. Financial Accounting Standards Board
4. Financial reporting framework
5. Integrated audit
6. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
7. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
8. Securities and Exchange Commission
9. Statements on Auditing Standards
10. Subject matter
11. Suitable criteria

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