Question: Match the following definitions or partial definitions to the appropriate

Match the following definitions (or partial definitions) to the appropriate term. Each term may be used once or not at all.
Definition (or Partial Definition)
a. An institution charged with responsibility for avoiding overissuance of a corporation’s stock
b. An institution responsible for maintaining detailed records of shareholders and handling changes of ownership of stock ownership
c. Cash or other assets set aside for the retirement of a debt
d. Shares of its own stock acquired by a corporation for the purpose of being reissued at a later date
e. The formal agreement between bondholders and the issuer as to the terms of the debt

1. Common stock
2. Debenture bond
3. Sinking fund
4. Stock certificate book
5. Stock certificate holder
6. Stock registrar
7. Stock transfer agent
8. Treasury stock
9. Trust indenture

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