Match the following terms and definitions a system development life
Match the following terms and definitions

a. system development life cycle
b. system development methodology
c. legacy system
d. plan
e. analyze
f. design
g. build/buy
h. install
i. deploy

___ 1. This SDLC phase includes creating new system models
___ 2. The order and timing of when SDLC phases are completed
___ 3. The SDLC phase that involves delivering the final product
___ 4. This SDLC phase includes purchasing software or transforming system models into programming code
___ 5. An SDLC phase that includes collecting requirements
___ 6. A series of phases to create a system
___ 7. The SDLC phase that involves operating, maintaining, and supporting the new system
___ 8. A prior system that may be run in parallel with a new system
___ 9. This SDLC phase includes preparing a schedule and a budget

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