Match the following terms and definitions a order to cash b procure to pay
Match the following terms and definitions
a. order-to-cash
b. procure-to-pay
c. spaghetti code
d. three-tier architecture
e. database tier
f. application tier
g. user tier
h. firewall
i. business process management (BPM)
___1. Programming code used to connect stand-alone systems
___2. Transforming business processes to improve efficiency
___3. Corresponds to the purchasing cycle
___4. Corresponds to the sales cycle
___5.Consists of front-end client computers and the user interface
___6. Software programs on a router that monitor network traffic
___7. Comprised of a centralized relational database and an RDBMS
___8. Consists of servers and application software
___9. When an enterprise system uses layers of IT components: enterprise database, application, and client computers

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