Match the term with its definition by placing the corresponding letter in the space provided:
a. Interest
b. Note term
c. Interest rate
d. Maker of the note
e. Maturity date
f. Maturity value
g. Payee of the note
h. Principal
i. Promissory note
_______1 . A written promise to pay a specified amount of money at a particular future date
_______2. The date when final payment of the note is due; also called the due date
_______3. The percentage rate of interest specified by the note for one year
_______4. The entity to whom the maker promises future payment
_______5. The period of time during which interest is earned
_______6. The amount loaned out by the payee and borrowed by the maker of the note
_______7. The sum of the principal plus interest due at maturity
_______8. The entity that signs the note and promises to pay the required amount
_______9. The revenue to the payee for loaning money; the expense to the debtor

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