Melanie is doing a study on various weight loss plans and
Melanie is doing a study on various weight-loss plans and needs to determine an individual’s weight status by calculating his body mass index. To calculate a person’s body mass index, height must be measured in meters and weight measured in kilograms. The index is calculated by dividing a person’s weight by the square of his height. The result is then compared to the following scale to determine the person’s weight status: Below 18.5 = underweight; 18.5  24.5 = normal weight; over 25.0 = overweight. Five hundred people have agreed to participate in Melanie’s study. With so many calculations to perform, she would like a computer program that will do this calculation for her. She decides to prepare a flowchart to help her properly design the computer program.

Prepare a program flowchart to help Melanie program this process.

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