Question: Match the flowchart or DFD segments in the right column

Match the flowchart or DFD segments in the right column to an appropriate description in the left column.
1. Statements are prepared and sent to customers from data contained in the accounts receivable data store.
2. A vendor sends a sales invoice to the accounts payable process.
3. The cash receipt process updates the cash receipts data store.
4. A 2-part check is manually prepared from data on a vendor invoice.
5. The system prepares a check that is mailed to the customer.
6. A report is prepared from data stored on magnetic tape.
7. Billing data are entered into a system from a terminal and used to update both the sales order data base and the customer data base.
8. Data from a cancelled paper invoice are used to update the cash disbursements file.
9. The system prepares two copies of a sales order; one copy is sent to the customer and the other is filed.
10. An accounts receivable aging report is prepared from the accounts receivable master file and the cash receipts master file.

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