Question: Multiple choice Please select the best answer for each of

Multiple choice.
Please select the best answer for each of the following questions.
1. An ERP system could be associated with ___ audits.
a. Systems
b. Financial
c. Investigative
d. All of the above .
2. In an investigative audit, co-conspirators are interviewed before the target
a. Because the information they can provide is more important.
b. So the investigative auditor will be certain to get a confession from the target.
c. Because they can be offered a “deal” that will help prove the fraud.
d. Because they are younger.
3. Which type of audit opinion ensures that financial statements are true and correct?
a. Unqualified
b. Qualified
c. Both of the above .
d. None of the above .
4. An auditor is dating an accounting manager in a firm he is auditing. His behavior is most
likely in violation of a ___ standard.
a. General
b. Field work
c. Reporting
d. Forensic
5. A client refuses to let a financial statement auditor examine certain documents. The auditor is most likely to issue a(n) ___ opinion.
a. Unqualified
b. Qualified
c. Disclaimer
d. Adverse

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