Question: Multiple Choice Questions 1 Which of these has traditionally been

Multiple Choice Questions:
1. Which of these has traditionally been one of LCNs most fundamental sources of power?
a. Narcotics.
b. Loan-harking.
c. Labor racketeering.
d. None of these.

2. What is the numbers game?
a. An illegal type of lottery.
b. An extinct game that was run by bookies.
c. A game now confined to states that do not permit casino gambling.
d. All of these.

3. In loan-sharking, the “vig” is typically expressed as the interest rate for which period of time?
a. Day.
b. Week.
c. Month.
d. Year.

4. An LCN “associate” is the same as which of these?
a. A made man.
b. A friend of the organization.
c. A soldier.
d. None of these.

5. What is LCN code of silence called?
a. Picciotto.
b. Sgarrista.
c. Omerta.
d. None of these.

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