Question: Multiple choice questions 2 A 95 confidence interval for

Multiple choice questions:
2. A 95% confidence interval for µ can be interpreted to mean that if we take 100 samples of the same size and construct 100 such confidence intervals for µ, then
a. 95 of them will not include µ
b. 95 will include µ
c. 95 will include 
3. The confidence level is denoted by
a. (1 – α)100%
b. 100α%
c. α
4. The margin of error of the estimate for µ is
a. zσ (or ts)
b. σ/√n (or s/√n)
c. σ (or s)
5. Which of the following assumptions is not required to use the t distribution to make a confidence interval for µ?
a. Either the population from which the sample is taken is (approximately) normally distributed or n > 30.
b. The population standard deviation, σ, is not known.
c. The sample size is at least 10.
6. The parameter(s) of the t distribution is (are)
a. n
b. degrees of freedom
c. µ and degrees of freedom

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