Question: No tortilla chip lover likes soggy chips so it is

No tortilla chip lover likes soggy chips, so it is important to find characteristics of the production process that produce chips with an appealing texture. The accompanying data on x = frying time (in seconds) and y = moisture content (%) appeared in the paper, “Thermal and Physical Properties of Tortilla Chips as a Function of Frying Time” (Journal of Food Processing and Preservation [1995]: 175–189):
a. Construct a scatterplot of these data. Does the relationship between moisture content and frying time appear to be linear?
b. Transform the y values using y = log(y) and construct a scatterplot of the (x, y) pairs. Does this scatterplot look more nearly linear than the one in Part (a)?
c. Find the equation of the least-squares line that describes the relationship between y and x.
d. Use the least-squares line from Part (c) to predict moisture content for a frying time of 35 minutes.

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