No tortilla chip lover likes soggy chips, so it is important to find characteristics of the production process that produce chips with an appealing texture. The accompanying data on x = frying time (in seconds) and y = moisture content (%) appeared in the paper, “Thermal and Physical Properties of Tortilla Chips as a Function of Frying Time” (Journal of Food Processing and Preservation [1995]: 175–189):
a. Construct a scatterplot of these data. Does the relationship between moisture content and frying time appear to be linear?
b. Transform the y values using y = log(y) and construct a scatterplot of the (x, y) pairs. Does this scatterplot look more nearly linear than the one in Part (a)?
c. Find the equation of the least-squares line that describes the relationship between y and x.
d. Use the least-squares line from Part (c) to predict moisture content for a frying time of 35 minutes.

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