Question: Nurcombe Howell Rauh Teti Ruoff and Brennan 1984 conducted an

Nurcombe, Howell, Rauh, Teti, Ruoff, and Brennan (1984) conducted an intervention program with mothers of low-birth-weight infants (LBW). (It is often difficult to recognize signals from low-birth-weight infants, and the program offered training in this domain.) One group of mothers received instruction on responding to subtle signals of LBW infants, while another group did not receive such instruction. A third group of mothers of normal-birth-weight infants served as a control group. In addition, mothers were divided by education level. Partial data from that study follow.
(a) Data
(a) Run the appropriate analysis of variance on these results.
(b) What would you conclude about the efficacy of the intervention program?

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