On December 31 20X6 Retail Ltd purchased 100 of the
On December 31, 20X6, Retail Ltd. purchased 100% of the outstanding shares of Supply Corporation by issuing Retail Ltd. shares worth $ 960,000 at current market prices. Supply Corporation was a supplier of merchandise to Retail Ltd.; Retail had purchased over 80% of Supply’s total output in 20X6. Supply had experienced declining profitability for many years, and in 20X4 began experiencing losses. By December 31, 20X6, Supply had accumulated tax-loss carry forwards amounting to $ 140,000. In contrast, Retail Ltd. was quite profitable, and analysts predicted that Retail’s positioning in the retail market was well suited to weather economic downturns without undue deterioration in profit levels.
The SFP for Supply Corporation at the date of acquisition is shown below, together with estimates of the fair values of Supply’s recorded assets and liabilities. In addition, Supply held exclusive Canadian rights to certain production processes; the fair value of these rights was estimated to be $ 200,000.

Explain what values should be assigned to Supply Corporation’s assets and liabilities when Retail Ltd. prepares its consolidated financial statements (including goodwill, ifany).
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