Question: One of the many things the U S Census Bureau reports

One of the many things the U.S. Census Bureau reports to the public is the increase in population for various geographic areas within the country. The percents of increase in population for the 100 fastest-growing counties with 10,000 or more population in 2008 in the United States from April 1, 2008, to July 1, 2008, are listed in the following table.
a. Calculate the mean and standard deviation.
c. Do the percentages found in part b agree with the empirical rule? What does that mean?
d. Do the percentages found in part b agree with Chebyshev’s theorem? What does that mean?
e. Construct a histogram and one other graph of your choice. Does the graph show a distribution that agrees with your answers in parts c and d? Explain.
f. Utilize one of the “testing for normality” Technology Instructions on pages 97–98. Compare the results with your answer to part c.

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