Question: Please match each item on the right to the most

Please match each item on the right to the most appropriate item on the left.
1. Confidentiality
2. Creating fake refunds to benefit a friend
3. Data diddling
4. Human element
5. Incidental
6. Instrumentality
7. Logic bomb
8. Salami technique
9. Sarbanes-Oxley Act
10. Willful neglect
a. Computers used to carry out a crime
b. Crime classification that does not necessarily require a computer
c. Data are protected from unauthorized disclosure
d. Designed to help restore consumer confidence
e. Information manipulation
f. Intentionally changing information in a system
g. Interest of less than one cent diverted to computer criminal’s account
h. Most vulnerable part of an information system
i. One type of service interruption/delay
j. Shuts down a payroll system if a specific employee number is deleted

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