Posting purchases and cash payment transactions INSTRUCTIONS 1 Open the
Posting purchases and cash payment transactions.

1. Open the general ledger accounts and accounts payable ledger accounts indicated on the next page. Enter the balance of Cash as of September 1, 2016.
2. Post the entries in Problem 8.2A from the general journal to the appropriate accounts in the general ledger and in the accounts payable ledger.
In Problem 8.2A
Sept. 2 Purchased ski boots for $6,600 plus a freight charge of $310 from Colorado Ski Shop, Invoice 6672, terms n/30.
3 Purchased skis for $12,200 from Alaska Supply Company, Invoice 5916; terms 3/10, n/30.
7 Received Credit Memorandum 165 for $1,000 from Colorado Ski Shop for return of damaged ski boots; the boots were originally purchased September 2 on Invoice 6672.
11 Purchased ski jackets for $5,000 from Cold Mountain Clothing Company, Invoice 4091, terms n/30.
12 Issued Check 104 to Alaska Supply Company in payment of Invoice 5916, dated September 3, less the cash discount.
22 Purchased ski poles for $4,760 plus a freight charge of $170 from Alaska Supply Company, Invoice 5950, terms 3/10, n/30.
23 Purchased ski pants for $3,250 from Swenson Ski Goods, Invoice 528, terms n/30.
25 Received Credit Memorandum 245 for $400 from Swenson Ski Goods for return of defective ski pants; the pants were originally purchased September 23 on Invoice 528.
27 Purchased ski sweaters for $3,600 plus a freight charge of $150 from Colorado Ski Shop, Invoice 6722, terms n/30.
30 Issued Check 110 to Colorado Ski Shop in payment of Invoice 6672, dated September 2, less the return of September 7.

3. Prepare a schedule of accounts payable. Compare the balance of the Accounts Payable control account with the total of the schedule.
101 Cash, $27,000 Dr.
201 Accounts Payable
501 Purchases
502 Freight In
503 Purchases Returns and Allowances
504 Purchases Discounts
Alaska Supply Company
Cold Mountain Clothing Company
Colorado Ski Shop
Swenson Ski Goods
Analyze: What portion of the purchases in September, before purchases returns and allowances and before purchases discounts, were for clothing items? Include ski boots as a clothing item.

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