Question: Prepare all general journal entries required in the General Fund

Prepare all general journal entries required in the General Fund of Washington County for each of the following transactions. Also, use transaction analysis to show any effects on the GCA-GLTL accounts.
1. The county levied property taxes of $5,000,000. Two percent are expected to prove uncollectible. The rest of the taxes are expected to be collected by year end or soon enough thereafter to be considered available at year end.
2. The county collected $4,300,000 of the taxes receivable before the due date and the balance of taxes became delinquent.
3. The county collected another $540,000 of the taxes receivable by the end of the fiscal year.
4. The county paid salaries and wages of $3,500,000 to General Fund employees during the year. Accrued salaries at the beginning of the year were $180,000, and accrued salaries at year end were $200,000.
5. $800,000 was loaned from the county General Fund (from resources available for general purposes) to the Washington County Inland Port Authority Enterprise Fund. The loan is to be repaid in three years.
6. The county purchased materials and supplies for various General Fund departments. The actual cost of $398,000 was vouchered.
7. The county purchased road maintenance equipment at an actual cost of $40,000, which was vouchered.
8. The county contributed $500,000 of General Fund money to a CPF to provide partial financing for construction of its recently approved sports center. The balance of the cost will be financed by grants and borrowings.
9. The county borrowed $100,000 for General Fund purposes on a six-month, 6% note. The note was issued two months before year end. Prepare any required year-end adjustments as well as recording the original transaction.

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