Question: Prepare the journal entries required in the General Capital Assets

Prepare the journal entries required in the General Capital Assets and General Long-Term Liabilities accounts of Percy County to record the following transactions. Indicate whether any gains and losses are to be reported in the government-wide financial statements.
1. Land was donated for use as the site of a bike and nature trail. The donor had acquired the land for $3,000 about 20 years earlier. Its estimated fair value when donated to the county was $40,000.
2. Computer equipment was ordered for General Fund departments. The estimated cost was $48,000.
3. The computer equipment was received by the county. The actual cost was $47,750. The county had paid $42,000 to the vendor by year end.
4. The county sold a (general government) dump truck that had cost $55,000. Accumulated depreciation on the truck was $50,000. The county sold the truck at auction for $3,300.
5. A storage building used by general government departments was destroyed by a tornado. The building, which cost $150,000, is expected to be rebuilt at a cost of $200,000. The building was 50% depreciated when destroyed. Construction has not begun on the new building.
6. The government leased a building under a capital lease agreement. The capitalizable cost was $1,200,000. The county made an initial down payment of $100,000.

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