Prepare flowcharting segments for each of the following operations:
A. Processing transactions stored on magnetic tape to update a master file stored on magnetic tape.
B. Processing transactions stored on magnetic tape to update a database stored on a magnetic disk.
C. Converting source documents to magnetic tape using a computer-based optical character reader (ocr)
D. Processing ocr documents online to update a database on magnetic disk
E. Reading data from a magnetic disk into the computer to be printed on a report
F. Using a computer or terminal to key data from source documents to a file stored on a magnetic disk
G. Manually sorting and filing invoices numerically
H. Using a terminal to enter source document data and send it to a remote location where an online processing system records it in a database stored on magnetic disk
I. A scheduled automatic backup of an internal hard drive to an external hard drive
J. Using a terminal to query customer sales data maintained on a magnetic disk
K. Enter employee hours recorded on time cards in the payroll transaction file maintained on disk and update wage data maintained on the payroll master file
L. Use a terminal to access a price list maintained on disk to complete a purchase order. An electronic copy of the purchase order is sent to the vendor and a backup copy is printed and filed by vendor name
M. Update an airline reservation on a web-based airline reservation system from a home computer

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