Refer to the Bilingual Research Journal Summer 2006 study of
Refer to the Bilingual Research Journal (Summer 2006) study of the relationship of Spanish (first-language) grammatical knowledge to English (second-language) reading, presented in Exercise. Recall that each in a sample of n = 55 native Spanish-speaking adults took four standardized exams: Spanish grammar (SG), Spanish reading, (SR), English grammar (EG), and English reading (ESLR). Simple linear regressions were used to model the ESLR score (y) as a function of each of the other exam scores (x). The coefficient of determination, r2, for each model is listed in the accompanying table. Give a practical interpretation of each of these values.
Independent Variable (x) r2
SG score ............. 002
SR score .............. 099
EG score .............. 078
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