Question: College protests of labor exploitation Refer to the Journal of

College protests of labor exploitation. Refer to the Journal of World-Systems Research (Winter 2004) study of student "sit-ins" for a "sweat-free campus" at universities, presented in Exercise. Recall that the SITIN file contains data on the duration (in days) of each sit-in, as well as the number of student arrests. The data for 5 sit-ins in which there was at least one arrest are shown in the table. Let y = number of arrests and x = duration.
a. Give the equation of a straight-line model relating y to x.
b. SPSS was used to fit the model to the data for the 5 sitins. The printout is shown on page 604. Give the least squares prediction equation.
c. Interpret the estimates of β0 and β1 in the context of the problem.
d. Find and interpret the value of s on the printout.
e. Find and interpret the value of r2 on the printout.
f. Conduct a test to determine whether number of arrests is positively linearly related to duration. (Use α = .10.)

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