Question: Refer to the information in RE15 1 Assume that on June

Refer to the information in RE15-1. Assume that on June 30, Aggie Corporation received interest on the Smith Corporation bonds, as well as a $1 dividend per share interest on the Bike Company stock. Prepare the June 30 journal entries to record the receipt of the interest and the receipt of the dividends.
In RE 15-1, On April 30 of Year 1, the Aggie Corporation purchased available-for-sale securities. These securities consisted of (a) Smith Corporation 10%, five-year bonds with a face value of $12,000, which were purchased at par plus four months of accrued interest and (b) 300 shares of Bike Company common stock, which were purchased at $20 per share. Prepare the April 30 journal entry to record the purchase of these available-for-sale securities.

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