Question: Refer to the interview in Exercise 4 16 especially to Questions

Refer to the interview in Exercise 4.16 (especially to Questions 4 and 7). The general ledger reveals the following annual costs:
Supervisor’s salary ...... $ 64,600
Clerical salaries ...... 210,000
Computers, desks, and printers .. 32,000
Computer supplies ...... 7,200
Telephone expenses ...... 4,000
ATM ............ 1,250,000
All non-labor resources, other than the ATM, are spread evenly among the eight credit department employees (in terms of assignment and usage). Credit department employees have no con- tact with ATMs. Printers and desks are used in the same ratio as computers by the various activities.
1. Determine the cost of all primary and secondary activities.
2. Assign the cost of secondary activities to the primary activities.

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