Question: Refer to the Journal of Applied Psychology June 2002 study

Refer to the Journal of Applied Psychology (June 2002) study of the recall of the content of television commercials, In a designed experiment, 324 adults were randomly assigned to one of three viewer groups: (1) Watch a TV program with a violent content code (V) rating, (2) watch a show with a sex content code (S) rating, and, (3) watch a neutral TV program. The number of brand names recalled in the commercial messages was recorded for each participant, and the data are saved in the TVADRECALL file.
a. Give the null and alternative hypotheses for a Kruskal Wallis test applied to the data.
b. The results of the nonparametric test are shown below in the MINITAB printout. Locate the test statistic and p-value on the printout.
c. Interpret the results of part b, using a = .01. What can the researchers conclude about the three groups of TV ad viewers?

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