Repeat parts b e of Exercise 7 11 for samples of size
Repeat parts (b)-(e) of Exercise 7.11 for samples of size 5.
b. For samples of size 2, construct a table similar to Table 7.2 on page 281. Use the letter in parentheses after each player's name to represent each player.
c. Draw a dotplot for the sampling distribution of the sample mean for samples of size 2.
d. For a random sample of size 2, what is the chance that the sample mean will equal the population mean?
e. For a random sample of size 2, obtain the probability that the sampling error made in estimating the population mean by the sample mean will be 1 inch or less; that is, determine the probability that . x will be within 1 inch of μ. Interpret your result in terms of percentages.
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