Results of a 2013 Adobe Systems study on retail apps
Results of a 2013 Adobe Systems study on retail apps and buying habits reveals insights on perceptions and attitudes toward mobile shopping using retail apps and browsers, providing new direction for retailers to develop their digital publishing strategies. Increased consumer interest in using shopping applications means retailers must adapt to meet the rising expectations for specialized mobile shopping experiences. The results indicate that tablet users (55%) are almost twice as likely as smartphone users (28%) to use their device to purchase products and services. The findings also reveal that retail and catalog apps are rapidly catching up to mobile browsers as a viable shopping channel: Nearly half of all mobile shoppers are interested in using apps instead of a mobile browser (45% of tablet shoppers and 49% of smartphone shoppers). The research is based on an online survey with a sample of 1,003 18– 54 year olds who currently own a smartphone and/ or tablet; it includes consumers who use and do not use these devices to shop (adobe. ly/ 11gt8Rq).
a. Describe the population of interest.
b. Describe the sample that was collected.
c. Describe a parameter of interest.
d. Describe the statistic used to estimate the parameter in (c).
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