Question: Revise the following sentences to create parallel structure 1 To

Revise the following sentences to create parallel structure.
1. To narrow a web search,
Put quotation marks around a phrase when you want an exact term.
Many search engines have wild cards (usually an asterisk) to find plurals and other forms of a word.
Reading the instructions on the search engine itself can teach you advanced search techniques.
2. Men drink more alcoholic beverages than women.
3. Each issue of Hospice Care has articles from four different perspectives: legislative, health care, hospice administrators, and inspirational authors.
4. The university is one of the largest employers in the community, brings in substantial business, and the cultural impact is also big.
5. These three tools can help competitive people be better negotiators:
1. Think win–win.
2. It’s important to ask enough questions to find out the other person’s priorities, rather than jumping on the first advantage you find.
3. Protect the other person’s self-esteem.
6. These three questions can help cooperative people be better negotiators:
1. Can you developing a specific alternative to use if negotiation fails?
2. Don’t focus on the bottom line. Spend time thinking about what you want and why you need it.
3. Saying “You’ll have to do better than that because . . . ” can help you resist the temptation to say “yes” too quickly.

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