Revise the following sentences to eliminate errors in grammar and
Revise the following sentences to eliminate errors in grammar and usage.
1. The number of students surveyed that worked more than 20 hours a week were 60%.
2. Not everyone is promoted after six months some people might remain in the training program a year before being moved to a permanent assignment.
3. The present solutions that has been suggested are not adequate.
4. At times while typing and editing, the text on your screen may not look correct.
5. All employees are asked to cut back on energy waste by the manager.
6. The benefits of an online catalog are
1. We will be able to keep records up-to-date;
2. Broad access to the catalog system from any networked terminal on campus;
3. The consolidation of the main catalog and the catalogs in the departmental and branch libraries;
4. Cost savings.
7. You can take advantage of several banking services. Such as automatic withdrawal of a house or car payment and direct deposit of your pay check.
8. As a freshman, business administration was intriguing to me.
9. Thank you for the help you gave Joanne Jackson and myself.
10. I know from my business experience that good communication among people and departments are essential in running a successful corporation.

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