Question: Robyn Vescovi a former financial executive who recently became a

Robyn Vescovi, a former financial executive who recently became a Tasti D-Lite franchisee, offers the following advice to first-time franchisees:
Do your work:
• Research the brand (long- and short-term business model)
• Know the team behind this brand and understand their vision for that product/business. Know them as franchise experts and their proven successes.
• Know yourself and your limits. This will help you determine the right business (e.g., new and innovative franchise or well-established franchise).
• Be involved! Don’t expect that things “will just happen.” You have your own business, but you are part of something bigger, and it is in your best interest to participate in whatever you can in support of that brand/product. Don’t be an “absentee franchisee.”

Do you agree? Explain. What other advice can you offer first-time franchisees?

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