Roehler Industrial has estimated that production for the next five quarters will be:
Production Information
1st Quarter, 2011 ....... 45,000 units
2nd Quarter, 2011 ....... 41,000 units
3rd Quarter, 2011 ....... 49,000 units
4th Quarter, 2011 ....... 38,000 units
1st Quarter, 2012 ....... 47,000 units
Finished units of production require six pounds of raw material per unit. The raw material cost is $5 per pound. There are 54,000 pounds of raw material on hand at the beginning of the first quarter, 2012. Roehler desires to have 20 percent of next quarter’s material requirements on hand at the end of each quarter.

Prepare quarterly direct materials purchases budgets for Roehler Industrial for 2011.

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