Question: RollQuick Company produces lightweight wheelchairs for wheelchair athletes The wheelchairs

RollQuick Company produces lightweight wheelchairs for wheelchair athletes. The wheelchairs are produced in a cellular system. Three cells perform the manufacturing tasks. Cell 1 assembles the wheels on an axle. Cell 2 adds the footrest and frame for the seat, and Cell 3 attaches the seat to the frame. The standard work in process (SWIP) per shift is 21 chairs. The seats are fabricated by robotic manufacturing equipment. The equipment has an ideal rate time of 9 seats per hour, and work is performed in 7-hour shifts. Information for the first week of the month is as follows:

A. Calculate WIP to SWIP for the manufacturing cells for each day during the week.
B. Explain why the “ideal” WIP to SWIP is 1.
C. Calculate each day’s operational equipment effectiveness (OEE) for the robotic equipment.
D. Provide a possible business reason why the OEE for Tuesday was significantly different than the OEE for the otherdays.
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