Question: Select a news article dated within the previous two months

Select a news article dated within the previous two months, and analyze the issue using the economic concepts and theory. Five to six-page, double-spaced paper that advocates a position on this issue. Beginning with a concise summary paragraph that (1) states the problem and (2) summarizes your position. The remainder of the paper should support and explain your position. The paper should include at least one graph developed and define all economic concepts used to build your argument. Possible graphs/concepts/theories to use in your paper include:
Taxes, consumer or producer surplus, and welfare
Demand, supply, and equilibrium price of a particular product or products
Total benefit and cost curves
Production function and isocost curves
Long-run and short-run costs
Indifference curves, indifference curves and budget line
Price elasticities of supply and demand, or income elasticity, on a particular product or products
Perfect competition and imperfect competition, such as monopolies

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