Question: Should most of us not just active international businesses accept

Should most of us, not just active international businesses, accept a social responsibility to humanity? If we answer yes to this question, how might our actions as students, educators, employees, employers, and investors change?
Consider the following excerpt from a speech delivered September 28, 2001, by Jose Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1996) and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation for the East Timor Transition Government:
There is no dispute that abject poverty, child labor, and prostitution are a moral indictment of all humanity.
However, poverty should not only touch our conscience: It is also a matter of peace and security because it destabilizes entire countries and regions. In turn it threatens the integration of the global economy that is vital if the rich are to stay rich or if the poor are to move up, if only an inch.
Peace will be illusory as long as the rich ignore the clamor of the poor for a better life, as long as hundreds of millions of people live below the poverty line, cannot afford a meal a day, do not have access to clean water and a roof.26

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