Question: Swim maze study Merck Research Labs used the single T swim

Swim maze study. Merck Research Labs used the single-T swim maze to conduct an experiment to evaluate the effect of a new drug. Nineteen impregnated dam rats were allocated a dosage of 12.5 milligrams of the drug. One male and one female rat pup were randomly selected from each resulting litter to perform in the swim maze. Each pup was placed in the water at one end of the maze and allowed to swim until it escaped at the opposite end. If the pup failed to escape after a certain period of time, it was placed at the beginning of the maze and given another chance. The experiment was repeated until each pup accomplished three successful escapes. The accompanying table (saved in the RATPUPS file) reports the number of swims required by each pup to perform three successful escapes. Is there sufficient evidence of a difference between the mean number of swims required by male and female pups? Conduct the test (at α = .10). Comment on the assumptions required for the test to be valid.

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