Question: The 2000 U S presidential election had various problems in Florida

The 2000 U.S. presidential election had various problems in Florida. One was “over votes”—people mistakenly voting for more than one presidential candidate. (There were multiple minor party candidates.) There were 110,000 over vote ballots, with Al Gore marked on 84,197 and George W. Bush on 37,731. These ballots were disqualified. Was over voting related to the design of the ballot? The figure shows MINITAB dot plots of the over vote percentages for 65 Florida counties organized by the type of voting machine—optical scanning, Votomatic (voters manually punch out chads), and Data vote (voter presses a lever that punches out the chad mechanically)—and the number of columns on the ballot (1 or 2).
a. The over vote was highest (11.6%) in Gadsden County. Identify the number of columns and the method of registering the vote for that county.
b. Of the six ballot type and method combinations, which two seemed to perform best in terms of having relatively low percentages of over votes?
c. How might these data be summarized further by a bar graph with six bars?

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