Question: The August 31 bank statement of Watson Healthcare has just

The August 31 bank statement of Watson Healthcare has just arrived from United Bank. To prepare the bank reconciliation, you gather the following data:
a. The August 31 bank balance is $5,630.
b. The bank statement includes two charges for NSF checks from customers. One is for $390 (#1), and the other is for $140 (#2).
c. The following Watson checks are outstanding at August 31:
Check No. ... Amount
237 ..... $ 90
288 ..... 160
291 ..... 550
294 ..... 620
295 ..... 10
296 ..... 100
d. Watson collects from a few customers by EFT. The August bank statement lists a $1,700 EFT deposit for a collection on account.
e. The bank statement includes two special deposits that Watson hasn’t recorded yet: $850 for dividend revenue and $60 for the interest revenue Watson earned on its bank balance during August.
f. The bank statement lists a $70 subtraction for the bank service charge.
g. On August 31, the Watson treasurer deposited $310, but this deposit does not appear on the bank statement.
h. The bank statement includes a $700 deduction for a check drawn by Multi-State Freight Company. Watson notified the bank of this bank error.
i. Watsons Cash account shows a balance of $3,100 on August 31.
1. Prepare the bank reconciliation for Watson’s Healthcare at August 31, 2016.
2. Journalize any required entries from the bank reconciliation. Include an explanation for each entry.

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