Question: The authors of the paper Weight Bearing Activity during Youth Is

The authors of the paper “Weight-Bearing Activity during Youth Is a More Important Factor for Peak Bone Mass than Calcium Intake” (Journal of Bone and Mineral Research [1994], 1089–1096) studied a number of variables they thought might be related to bone mineral density (BMD). The accompanying data on x = weight at age 13 and y = bone mineral density at age 27 are consistent with summary quantities for women given in the paper.
A simple linear regression model was used to describe the relationship between weight at age 13 and BMD at age 27. For this data:
a. What percentage of observed variation in BMD at age 27 can be explained by the simple linear regression model?
b. Give a point estimate of s and interpret this estimate.
c. Give an estimate of the average change in BMD associated with a 1 kg increase in weight at age
d. Compute a point estimate of the mean BMD at age 27 for women whose age 13 weight was 60 kg.

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