Question: The average moviegoer sees 8 5 movies a year A moviegoer

The average “moviegoer” sees 8.5 movies a year. A moviegoer is defined as a person who sees at least one movie in a theater in a 12-month period. A random sample of 40 moviegoers from a large university revealed that the average number of movies seen per person was 9.6. The population standard deviation is 3.2 movies. At the 0.05 level of significance, can it be concluded that this represents a difference from the national average?
Perform each of the following steps.
a. State the hypotheses and identify the claim.
b. Find the critical value(s).
c. Compute the test value.
d. Make the decision.
e. Summarize the results.
Use diagrams to show the critical region (or regions), and use the traditional method of hypothesis testing unless otherwise specified.

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